Lack of a feedback is the main reason for projects to slow down and ultimately fail. No mater if you work on a new web site or on a library on github, you need a feedback.

If you don't get any feed (positive or negative),

  • you don't know what your users need
  • you feel that nobody is interested in your idea
  • you are slowly giving up on your project

In fact, the most common reason for startups to faile is no market need. Developers focus on implementing new features or improving the product without having enought feedback from the users. allows you to collect a feedback in easy and not annoying way for the users. We are following the assumption:

  • giving a feedback should be an anonymous - most people don't like to give await personal data
  • giving a feedback should be fast - no registration needed
  • giving a feedback should be not be annoying - nobody likes survey gives your users a simple form with one box. Check it out by giving us your feedback.